TheG News February 2019

This month in TheG News we will be introducing some new works and artists at The Gallery Eumundi. Don’t forget we are heading overseas soon…
Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong – 29 March to 1 April 2019
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong – 16 to 10 May 2019

Introducing UK Artist Gareth Edwards RWA
Having followed Gareth Edward’s career for over 25 years we are delighted to be presenting his work for the first time in Australia and Asia.
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There is a war and it’s happening next door

Nara Walker is a friend and an artist represented by The Gallery Eumundi. We have known Nara for over a decade and are devastated with her current situation. Please support her through this petition and pass on to everyone. Though we desperately want Nara to be home and safe it’s not just about her, this is also about supporting women who are condemned not only by domestic violence but also by the police and the courts in Iceland. There is no way out for these victims as Nara’s situation has revealed. Your help and support is greatly needed. #BringNaraHome x
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28 year old Australian artist Nara Walker will enter a maximum security prison in Iceland this week.

After enduring years of violence, abuse, drugging and rape from her former husband, Nara managed to flee the relationship one evening in 2017 by biting down on her then husband’s tongue, which was forcibly put inside her mouth. #BringNaraHome
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Congratulations to Mairi Ward for being selected as a 2019 finalist for the Women’s Art Prize Tasmania. This is the state’s only female art competition. Re-launched in 2018, the prize aims to inspire, facilitate and celebrate the development of professional and emerging women artists in Tasmania.

This prestigious and exclusive competition consists of three prize categories: a $15,000 acquisitive prize presented by the Trawalla Foundation, the $3,000 Bell Bay Aluminium People’s Choice award and the $1,500 Zonta Emerging artist prize. The prize is judged by a panel comprised of recognised arts industry professionals.

Exhibition Opening and Winners Announced – 6:00pm Friday 15 March 2019
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