TheG News March 2020

Welcome to the March edition of TheG News. How the world can change in a month!! Firstly we are sending our thoughts and strength to our friends and clients around the world. We wish all and everyone good health in these challenging and changing times.

Not surprisingly, Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring was cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) along with many other events around the world. As disappointed as we are it has been all hands on deck to keep the show on the road! Our artists have worked tirelessly to produce great art for AAF NYC Spring 2020. Thankfully we managed to intercept our crate before it left Australia… phew!!

So now we have the works back with us! This means that we can now reveal the stunning works available to be purchased by you from anywhere in the world. You can view the works as an online exhibition: New York Collection Online. Please enjoy and contact us directly for any information and purchases. We will happily include complimentary freighting and insurance in order to get works to you as smoothly as possible.

While we are all living in a challenging and changing world take some time to indulge in these beautiful creations. We thank you in advance for the continuous support of our artists and ourselves. Let’s keep chatting around the daily dose of creativity, which you can tap into though our Instagram @thegalleryeumundi. Online communication is fantastic, particularly in these times of social distancing and isolation. Stay safe and well…

Our work continues to expand our team of artists and this month we are delighted to introduce you to a new collaboration with Adelaide artist, Joanne Villani
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New York Collection Online

Sadly and not surprisingly Affordable Art Fair New York City has postponed it’s Spring 2020 edition in light of the ever-changing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation across the world. We wish for everyone’s good health and safety at this challenging time.

We are delighted to bring you New York Collection Online, a close up and virtual experience of all the gorgeous works that would have been exhibited in New York along with many more from the safety of our home to the safety of your home!!

If you are tempted to purchase a beautiful artwork from our artists new collections we are happy to arrange complimentary freight and insurance nationally and internationally…
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Affordable Art Fair New York City Spring 2020 Postponed

Steve and Karen are disappointed to confirm that sadly Affordable Art Fair New York City has postponed it’s Spring 2020 edition in light of the ever-changing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation across the world.

We wish for everyone’s good health and safety at this challenging time and look forward to returning to New York sometime later in the year.
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Dark Mofo 2020 Cancelled

Advantage is a better soldier than rashness. —Henry V, Act III, Scene 6.

“We’re killing Dark Mofo for the year. I know that will murder an already massacred tourism environment, but I feel like I have no choice (hint: that means I have a choice).”

“Right now, the government and Mona are each on the hook for $2 million to run Dark Mofo. That’s bad. What’s worse, as far as I’m concerned, is that if we ran Dark and nobody came, I’d lose $5 million or more, because I would have to cover the absent ticket revenue. Leigh Carmichael, Dark Mofo’s boss, suggested an $8 million scenario: if a staff member contracted COVID-19 a week out from the festival, we’d have to cancel because the staff would need to self-isolate for two weeks, but we’d also have to pay all the artists. That kind of blowout would affect Mona’s program, and I’d be back to subsisting on the diet I had when I was eighteen – pineapples and mint slice biscuits.”
Statement courtesy of David Walsh at Dark Mofo
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Artnet Intelligence Report Spring 2020

The fourth edition of the Artnet Intelligence Report offers a trusted breakdown of the latest trends and developments in the art business, from the rise of France as a global art-market force to our predictions about how sales will fare in 2020 to an exploration of the many ways that A.I. could revolutionise the art world in the not-too-distant future.

You’ll also find an eye-opening account of how Wall Street veterans are shaking up auction houses and a primer on three rising art scenes in Asia that deserve a closer look beyond Hong Kong and mainland China. Through it all, we explore how information—a lack of it, an abundance of it, or a new, high-tech version of it—has the potential to shake the art market’s very foundation. Because as anyone active in the art world knows, you are only as good as your most up-to-date information—and the times they are a changin’.
Courtesy of Artnet News
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