Evocative Landscapes

This week we invite you to be whisked away to destinations far and wide! Please enjoy these beautiful landscapes, whether they hit a reminiscent chord of past places and memories or conjure up a feeling of anticipation and excitement with the prospect of new adventures.

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Ai Weiwei’s latest film is a chilling look at life under lockdown in Wuhan through the lens of Chinese state control

Streets are empty and deserted. Cleaners in hazmat suits hose down surfaces—and each other—with sanitizer. Alarms sound as medical workers shuttle tightly wrapped bodies on gurneys and stretchers.

These are just a few of the apocalyptic images that greet viewers of Chinese-born artist Ai Weiwei’s new documentary film Coronation, a look at life under lockdown in Wuhan, China. It’s being released today on Vimeo on Demand globally and on Demand Alamo Drafthouse in the US.

The film looks at the city through the lens of Chinese state control over the course of the coronavirus lockdown. Ai, who is an outspoken critic of the Chinese government and served 81 days in prison there in 2011, remotely directed and produced the film from his home in Berlin. The film was shot and submitted by ordinary citizens living in Wuhan.

“The film records the state’s brutally efficient, militarized response to control the virus. Sprawling emergency field hospitals were erected in a matter of days,” according to the film’s description on Vimeo. A total of 40,000 medical workers were bused in from all over China, and the city’s residents were sealed inside their homes.
Courtesy of Artnet News
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New Artist Collaboration Brent Harvey

We are showcasing the work of award-winning artist Brent Harvey. With five decades of creating we are excited to introduce you to his stunning works. “Mark making to please the eye” has always been his desire and this can be experienced with the eclectic collection that will allow you to enjoy the scope of his expertise. Prepare to be immersed in a classical and surreal landscape, strong contemporary abstracts and figurative realism.

Enjoy browsing through the wonderful paintings. You can unlock Brent’s CV, Bio and full body of works through the link to our website here
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Australians can’t travel. Here is what they are spending instead…

Amid the concert halls and theatres darkened by COVID19, there is one bright splash of colour for the arts in Australia.

Australian art galleries are surviving and in some cases, thriving. Galleries report sold out shows from buyers, new and old. And Paul Becker, CEO of Art Money, a finance company specialising in buy-now-pay-later for art works, has doubled revenue in the last 12 months.

Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald
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3D Creations

Making three-dimensional art part of your life is a joy!! Touching, holding, and viewing from different perspectives is the ultimate interaction with art. Whether ceramic, resin or bronze with or without glazes and patinas the choices are endless. Indulge in our collection of strong works to view this week from our wonderful team of artists, who continue creating for you…

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