Artnet Intelligence Report Spring 2021

This edition of the Artnet Intelligence Report offers a glimpse of what’s ahead when the art market emerges from lockdown. We examine which digital innovations developed to help businesses remain afloat during the pandemic are here to stay—and what areas remain ripe for innovation in a hybrid digital-IRL future. Our trusted breakdown of international auction data reveals which segments have recovered most quickly (see: China) and which are lagging behind (see: art worth over $10 million).

In this issue, you’ll also find stories about how players are busily preparing for an in-person future, from the immersive-art producer Superblue (which is already plotting world domination) to the newest love-him-or-hate-him market star Robert Nava (whose fans insist his work simply must be experienced in person to be understood).

There’s a lot going on in the art market right now. Imagine what will happen when we can see one another again…
Courtesy of Artnet News
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Amazing Commissions…

Sometimes you just can’t find the perfect piece of art. You know you love an artist’s work but maybe what is available isn’t exactly what you are looking for. An artist’s style may point you in a direction of an idea that you would love to discuss, a collaboration of thought processes with the artist to produce the perfect bespoke piece just for you.

Not all our artists do commissions, however, those that do, have had great client collaborations with fabulous results.

This week we are sharing with you some commissioned pieces that are in their new homes. We love being the catalyst for these successes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea and would love to discuss a commission with a favourite artist.

The Gallery Eumundi at 6/32 Hastings Street Noosa Heads will be closed from 22 – 26 March. If you are in Noosa this weekend the gallery space will reopen Saturday 27 andSunday 28 March with artist Susan Schmidt at the helm. Check out THE G PROJECT 21for daily opening times.
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Art to Collect

If you’ve run out of wall space then it’s definitely time to consider three-dimensional art. We love interesting sculptures and ceramics. We particularly enjoy moving them around our space in order to compliment the surrounding paintings or just to create a corner of interest and intrigue!

Enjoy some delights this week from us here in Noosa.

If you are in Noosa you’ll find us at 6/32 Hastings Street Noosa Heads. Check out THE G PROJECT 21 for daily opening times.
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New Artist Collaboration Jo Young

We feel confident and proud of our strong eclectic collection of art genres at The Gallery Eumundi, however, for a while, we have been on a mission searching for an artist with a particular style of still life painting to add to the gallery repertoire.

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you find just what you are looking for!!

We would therefore like to introduce you to the stunning and breathtaking works of local artist Jo Young, who’s robust paintings vibrate with hidden narratives. These perfectly executed works in oils are a marriage of exquisite bygone years and strong contemporary relevance. In her own words:

“In the development of my compositions, I derive inspiration from the art of the Dutch Baroque, Flemish and French 18th Century still life painters. The classical painting technique of this period involves a slow process including a sepia tonal underpainting, followed by consecutive layers of local colour and finally transparent glazes.”

“Like characters in theatre, objects are carefully staged in an intimate space… Drama is created by emphasis, highlights, reflections and shadows. In the depiction of silk, porcelain, fruit, silver and wood, I wish to explore the intrinsic qualities of the objects through tone, texture, mood and atmosphere.”

We invite you to explore and enjoy Jo’s wonderful works…
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Art to Collect

This week we have chosen an eclectic collection that is resonating with us. All beautifully executed but all so different. Isn’t it interesting when you consider what draws you to a piece of art at a particular juncture in your life! 

If you are in Noosa you’ll find us at 6/32 Hastings Street Noosa Heads. Check out THE G PROJECT 21 for daily opening times.
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