Art to Collect

We are missing the special people in our lives. We know that we are the lucky ones with the freedom of life here in Noosa, however, we are still craving for the days when we can make those crucial contacts. This week together with beautiful art and positive thoughts we are sending flowers, lovely creatures, and beachy sunshine to you, all in the hope of uplifting spirits and concentrating the mind on all the wonderful connections that will happen sometime soon in the future.

For those of you able to visit the gallery you might like to know that we are fully vaccinated in order to protect ourselves and you as well…
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One of the earliest memories and questions a child gets asked is “What is your favourite colour?” As you get older so many influences internally and externally may pull you away from those original hues of delight and lead you into new and appealing tones.

You may bask in neutrals or monochromatic and only occasionally dabble in the brilliance and vibrancy of colour, alternatively you could embrace a spectrum of colour or stay faithful to your all-time favourite!!

The lust for colour is to be indulged this week…
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Art Logistics

We do feel physically a little isolated here in Queensland. With international borders and many State borders presently closed, we are forever thankful for the internet, social media platforms, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat, not to mention and just good old-fashioned telephone calls to keep us connected with everyone.

Thankfully art deliveries seem to be unaffected and we can get works to and from almost anywhere in the world in an efficient and streamlined way. We even received our interstate schedule this week by one of our preferred art couriers all the way to Christmas!! This focused our mind on the months ahead and the need to be planning into the future as the demand for freighting increases towards the end of the year.

If you are considering an art purchase in the next few months please do chat with us so we can book in freight for you. We always include full complimentary insurance with all purchases nationally or internationally.

Buying art online unseen can be daunting, we are always happy to FaceTime with you and take you for a close-up view and discussion on any works that you may be considering. We also have the flexibility to discuss with you a money-back agreement over an agreed trial period should the artwork you choose not work in your space.

It’s great to see that all these border restrictions have not dampened the love and demand for art. We would of course prefer to chat with you in person and shake hands over a purchase but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us should you like to discuss any of our fabulous artworks…
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Art Rotation

Having moved back into our newly decorated art space, we have been rehanging the gallery with new works and also some familiar pieces. This has revisited the subject of art rotation and reacquainting ourselves with works in different locations.

With many of you still in lockdown, moving artwork is a great easy way to refresh your surroundings, not to mention creating spaces for some new purchases as well. If you are resistant to change, many of us are, give it a go!! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

We are definitely feeling the benefit of a gallery refresh and rehang. We’d also love to see your results please feel free to share your before and after changes with us over any of our communication platforms.

Happy rotating and have a refreshing week ahead…
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Bijoux Art

We’ve been thinking about the small art that can fill any nook and cranny in your space with instant impact. Little gems of work that delight and expand your surroundings are wonderful to receive and even more indulgent if you spoil yourself!

Hoping that you will have a relaxing weekend and find some delight in the bijoux works below…
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