Art Talk

Often we are asked to advise on art purchases for the home and the work place. It may be larger projects with significant budgets and briefs as well as specific advice and sourcing of a single artwork.

If you are searching for a special piece or starting out on your art collecting journey, we are here to help you. Just initiating that dialogue can open up more possibilities than you can imagine.

We love discussing any project big or small or just engaging in arty chat!!
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New Works

Change is in the air and the future is beginning to look a little bit more exciting!! Freedom of movement and opportunities are all within our reach and with that, is the hope that we can finally begin to plan ahead.

Many of our amazing artists have continued to be motivated to produce new and stunning artworks regardless of the ever changing situations around them. We applaud their resilience, creativity and focus and are forever grateful for the inspiration they share with us at all times.

Please find a selection of fabulous new works heading to the gallery and don’t hesitate to contact us should something resonate with you…
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Welcome back Ken Barker…

It’s always such a pleasure when you cross paths again with someone you haven’t seen for years!! We are delighted to welcome back Ken Barker with his new body of work into the gallery after a decade of being apart.

Ken is an artist who creates rich textures using collage and acrylic paints on both paper and canvas. In his earlier years Ken was one of Australia’s leading textile designers before becoming a full time artist in the nineties

“For me art is both a visual and a spiritual experience. My art reflects life with its basic structure, interrupted by the unexpected and spontaneous happenings of life. I am interested in textures and surfaces of weather beaten walls with peeling paint, and graffiti. These walls are silent witnesses of the past and canvases for the future.”

We invite you to explore and enjoy Ken’s new works at the gallery…
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Art to Collect

Sometimes there is something very attractive about art that is a little sombre, dark and even brooding!!

As we know not all art evokes the same response from each of us. How wonderful it is that we are all so diverse with different desires and feelings towards the works we choose to live with.

This week we have chosen some strong works for you to contemplate and consider…
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