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Welcome to the latest monthly edition of TheG News for October. You can also keep up to date with arty news on our News Page and follow us on Insta for new works. We also have our latest monthly online exhibition Impressions of Hong Kong where David Hinchliffe captures his own nostalgic view and vibrancy of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile we are finalising preparations for our next show in Singapore as well as putting exciting plans in place for 2020...

2019/2020 Art Dates
Introducing Queensland Artist Kurun Warun
Having known Kurun Warun for over a decade we are looking forward to this exciting collaboration.

Kurun Warun’s aboriginal dot paintings have a traditional meaning, which is not always immediately noticed, but within the colours, lines, and space, you can see an underlying story. His use of contrasts are done so that the overall piece is left striking but peaceful.

Being a family man, his paintings tell stories of his childhood and of his own children. His mother came from the Framlingham Mission near Warnambool, and this is the mission his relative Archie Roach sang about. Kurun Warun’s mother was the one who trained and inspired him to be an artist. This means a lot to him, and that’s why he loves teaching his children. He appreciates his heritage, and he’s privileged to be the fifth generation from the Truganini Queen of Tasmania.

Kurun Warun’s work has caught international interest and has become collectables for people diverse as Oprah Winfrey and the Prince of Saudi Arabia.
Not only is Kurun Warun a great artist but also a renowned Didgeridoo player, having played in many prestigious national and international events, including a stunning performance at The Gallery Eumundi as part of Welcome to Country at the opening of Arone Meeks' exhibition in 2010!!
St Andrew's Anglican College Visual Art Exhibition
The Gallery Eumundi were delighted to sponsor and judge this year's Thompson Art Prize at St Andrew's Anglican College Visual Art Exhibition. Thank you to all the young artists that contributed their artwork to this year’s exhibition. This event is a credit to the inspirational direction of Ben Hedstrom and the SAAC Art Department. We are always so impressed at the artistic talent that emerges from such a young age!! Our final choices are below, check out the artists of the future...
‘Squares’ by Jaime, Yr12 (available to buy)
Secondary Winner
‘Absconding’ by Holly, Yr12
Secondary Highly Commended
‘The Postcard Project’ by Alessandra, Yr2
Primary Winner
‘Rainbow Self-Portrait’ by Eva, Prep
Primary Highly Commended
New Works this month...
Cool Morning Dune Walk by James Ainslie
Morning Dune Flight by James Ainslie
He was alone in the city by Steve Rosendale
Armstrong by Steve Rosendale
Clint by Steve Rosendale

Online exhibition: Impressions of Hong Kong by David Hinchliffe

“Since a young boy when my father worked in Hong Kong in the 60’s I have always been conscious of the energy and excitement associated with Hong Kong. In September 2016 I revisited Hong Kong with the plan to explore and paint. I was not disappointed, some 50 years later Hong Kong still exudes the fast pace and the dynamic flavour of multiculturalism. I engaged with the locals, met with clients and art lovers…It was fabulous and culminated in the beginning of my Hong Kong series on canvas.”
“Three years later I am still captivated by Hong Kong and the nostalgic connections made that is so obvious when meeting Hongkongers and expats alike. I was here in March this year and have extended my collection, always finding something slightly different with each visit. Wan Chai still entices me as a place to set up my studio and paint. Please enjoy my impressions and feelings of Hong Kong.”

View David's nostalgic works online by clicking here
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