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We love Blue!!

This weekend we are sharing some fun facts about the colour Blue alongside sharing with you some inspirational and delicious "blue creations" from the stock room.

Blue is often described as a favourite colour by many and it is the most preferred colour for men! Whilst often seen as a non-threatening colour, it is the colour of both the sky and the sea it may be connected to calmness and serenity. On the other hand, It may also evoke sadness as seen in Picasso's Blue Period.

Individuals have been found to be more productive in "Blue Rooms", so this could be the perfect time to decorate your workspace in blue and interestingly it is the least appetising colour, blue will rarely occur naturally in food! It has been muted that serving food on a blue plate can even tempt you to eat less!!

Whatever your thoughts are about this cool colour, we hope that you will love the works below...
Southern Ocean orb
Rowley Drysdale, Southern Ocean Orb, Porcelain Wood Fired, Iron Blue and Ash Glazes, side fired on shells, 17cm x 29cm Diameter
Charlotte Elizabeth, Lonely Cloud V, Acrylic on Canvas, 80cm x 60cm
Gareth Edwards, Blue Mist, Oil on Oil Paper, 40cm x 30cm
Susan Schmidt, Orient Blue, Mixed Media on Canvas, 76cm x 76cm
Whether you are purchasing your first piece of art or adding to your collection, we are happy to help you in many ways...
You may like to spread the cost of purchasing your artwork. This is fine with us!! We have some great flexible options:

Lay-by is a good old 'Aussie' term by which you can make a purchase with a small deposit and installments over time!! We can discuss a bespoke payment arrangement with you in order to own your desired piece of art over an agreed time frame. This is a flexible way to purchase comfortably. We have had clients in the past who have an ongoing lay-by arrangement purchasing piece after piece! Just contact us and we’ll work with your budget.

Art Money
Enjoy now, pay later!! 10 payments, 10 months, no interest for works from $500 to $50,000. Apply with us, or online and after a 10% deposit, we’ll deliver your beautiful new work of art (NB this is only available to Australian and New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents).

Transit Insurance
The Gallery Eumundi offers complimentary Transit Insurance globally to your home (*subject to COVID-19 Border restrictions).
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