This month in TheG News we will be introducing some new works and artists at The Gallery Eumundi. Don't forget we are heading overseas soon...
Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong - 29 March to 1 April 2019
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong - 16 to 10 May 2019
Introducing UK Artist Gareth Edwards RWA
Having followed Gareth Edward's career for over 25 years we are delighted to be presenting his work for the first time in Australia and Asia. Gareth is an internationally renowned contemporary landscape and seascape painter. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, an elected RWA Academician, and is currently a resident of St Ives’ historic Porthmeor Studio.
Gareth's paintings aspire to a state of beauty and to what the artist describes as ‘emotional weather’, exploring equivalents in external environment and internal atmosphere. The works can take you into a void of complicated emotions through memories of landscapes or stop you in your tracks with the simplicity of the exquisite. We are excited to introduce you to this fabulous work...
Welcome back James Ainslie
With fifty years of painting under his belt, there are few artists who can capture the Australian landscape quite like James Ainslie. Painting in his Queensland studio from beautiful en plain air studies collected over the years of travelling around the continent immersing himself in the milieu of initial inspirations - the light, the smells, the sounds and the presence. The essence of his work can take you to the warmth of a sunset, the breeze of the ocean and the solitary call of an indigenous bird. We are thrilled to have James back in the team and look forward to presenting his work over the coming year in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Nara Walker is a friend and an artist we represent. We have known Nara for over a decade and are devastated with her desperate situation in Iceland, where she is now incarcerated in a high security jail for defending herself in a domestic violence situation. Though we want Nara to be home and safe, it’s not just about her, this is also about supporting women who are condemned not only by domestic violence but also by the police and the courts in Iceland. There is no way out for these victims as Nara’s situation has revealed. Please help and support Nara by signing and sharing with your networks the petition below...
We have an extensive art network so please feel free to contact us for any of your art consultation needs
All the represented art from our artists can be seen online and is available to purchase wherever you are in the world!! Many of our artists are very approachable to paint commissions, which we are happy to discuss with you...
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