Though it seems incredible, we are again in the last month of the Australian financial year! This is the time to chat with your financial adviser for advice on claiming art purchased this year as a tax deduction. For small businesses purchasing art, there may be some significant deductions available if you fulfil the criteria required by the ATO. It is definitely worth exploring.

As more of us work from home these days there is all the more reason to invest in art as a significant addition to our environment. In the workplace, art can inspire the working culture, conjuring calmness and well-being in a medical surrounding, inspirational strength in a board room, a discussion point in a communal office or an illuminating image as a backdrop for a Zoom meeting.

Art definitely inspires and adds an extra dimension to a working environment whether it merges into your home space or as a separate working entity.

We are here to help and advise you in finding the perfect art piece for your home or your work surroundings. Enjoy our art pieces this week and don’t hesitate to contact us should you be tempted…
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