Amos Duggan

Amos Duggan is a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Diploma of Visual Arts: Fine Arts in 2004 at the Sunshine Coast Institute of T.A.F.E. Since the completion of his Diploma, Amos has continued to regularly exhibit and showcase his new works through local and international arts festivals, galleries and publications.

The subject matter and concept inspiration behind Amos’ paintings has always been subtly evolving and developing throughout his career. From the beginning there was a large emphasis on expressions of raw human emotions and personal inner workings. These themes featured heavily in the artist’s first solo exhibition titled ‘INNER GRAFFITI’ which showed at the Noosa Regional Art Gallery, QLD.

As time moved on and life’s journeys aided the natural progression of his work, we saw the artist drawing inspiration from the futuristic values of scientific advancements in modifying and manipulating the physical form for both life-preserving and vanity-serving reasons. This moved through some absurd and ambitious visual depictions of what is already practiced today, and what may possibly be done in the not too distant future. This was the era of the ‘FUTURE BEINGS NOW!’ which also saw the artist emerge from the Sunshine Coasts petri dish, and begin to exhibit further abroad in group and solo exhibitions’ throughout Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

In late 2009 Amos became a permanent part of Australia’s artistic community in Melbourne and has continued to draw on all previous research and exploration to forge and refine an amalgamation of these two strong and interlocking themes to create his very own unique vision of humanity. This is seen throughout the artist’s more recent works where the notions of body modification are seamlessly interwoven with a juxtaposition of raw emotions and psychological conditions.

As the paint flows from Amos’ brush and onto the canvas, the subconscious takes over and his mind starts having its very own visual conversation. Colours pour out and blend into one another, while lines of varying thickness forge their way through the landscapes and form patterns and outlines of their very own unique Liquid Language.

As Amos paints, he regularly returns to his journal. Sitting back and scrawling down the images and words that come to him as he attempts to decipher the scrambled and melting transmissions that are held by the easel…

Born in 1984 in Kenilworth, Queensland, Australia.

2004 Diploma of Visual Arts: Fine Arts, Sunshine Coast Institute of T.A.F.E.

2017 Exhibitions
Jul 2017 Little Deer Tracks – Coburg, VIC
Mar 2017 Liquid Language – Budd Street Gallery, Collingwood, VIC
Jan 2017 Crystallized Conversations, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton, VIC

2016 Exhibitions
May 2016 Looking Down Under (Print Publication) – Imago Mundi, ITALY

2015 Exhibitions
Dec 2015 Summer Sessions – 3SOME Studios, Brunswick, VIC
Nov 2015 End of the Line Festival – SOOKIE Bar, Belgrave, VIC
Jan 2015 Untitled Show – Little Deer Tracks, Coburg, VIC

2014 Exhibitions
Nov 2014 Untitled Show (group show) – Earthcore Festival, Pyalong, VIC.
Jan 2014 BREAK OUT – Fabrik Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2013 Exhibitions
Dec 2013 XMAS PRESENCE – Kreisler Gallery, Brunswick, VIC
Oct 2013 Asia Contemporary Art Show – JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong, China
Jul 2013 30.04.29 (group show) – Rtist Gallery, Prahran, VIC
Apr 2013 Another Nice Catastrophe (PBC) – Brunswick Arts Space, Brunswick, VIC
Mar 2013 SQUID SMOOTHIE 2 – Pheromone Symphony (group) – Nice Cat, Northcote, VIC
Feb 2013 The Evolution of Humans (dual show) – Nice Cat, Northcote, VIC

2012 Exhibitions
Dec 2012 The Aesthetic Tomorrow Exhibition (group) – Donkey Wheel, Melbourne City, VIC
Nov 2012 FUTURE ROCKS! 2 – Eclipse Festival 2012, Cairns, QLD
Aug 2012 Old Studio Jazz – Sunshine Coast Hinterland Bike and Hot Rod Show, Eumundi, QLD
Jul 2012 Visions of Brunswick (group show) – Nick Kreisler Gallery, Brunswick, VIC
Jul 2012 SQUID SMOOTHIE (group show) – Nice Cat, Northcote, VIC
Mar 2012 LOST + FOUND (group show) – The Library Artspace, North Fitzroy, VIC
Feb 2012 RUK! – Nice Cat, Northcote, VIC
Jan 2012 FUTURE ROCKS! – Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton, VIC

2011 Exhibitions
Oct 2011 MAD! – Melbourne Art & Design Fair, Prahran, VIC
Sep 2011 Come Together – Little Deer Tracks, Coburg, VIC
Aug 2011 Untitled Show – Social Roasting Company, Flemington, VIC
Jul 2011 Untitled Show – Limerence, Belgrave, VIC
Apr 2011 The BIG Show (group show) – Open Space Gallery, Melbourne CBD, VIC
Mar 2011 Mini Meat Cake! – Atomica Café, Fitzroy, VIC
Feb 2011 MEAT CAKE! – Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC

2010 Exhibitions
Jun 2010 91notime! – Human Powered Gallery, Thornbury, VIC
Mar 2010 HUGO’s Enlightenment Week (group show) – Open Studio, Northcote, VIC
Mar 2010 Lost Beings Now! – Just Us Gallery, Maroochydore, QLD

2009 Exhibitions
Nov 2009 The Edge (group show) – The Gallery Eumundi, Eumundi, QLD
Oct 2009 The Weekend Australian Art Sydney – 3SidedSquare, Sydney, NSW
Oct 2009 Future Beings Now! – Medium Artspace, Brunswick, VIC
Jul 2009 Revolution of Art (group show) – Retrospect Gallery, Byron Bay, NSW
Jul 2009 Medium Anatomy (group show) – Medium Warehouse, Brunswick, VIC
Jun 2009 Future Beings Now! – Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, QLD
Apr 2009 The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 09, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, VIC
Apr 2009 Attack of the Renegade Future Beings! – Culture Gallery, Peregian, QLD
Feb 2009 Velvet Vault (group show) – S.C.A.I.P. Nambour, QLD

2008 Exhibitions
Dec 2008 X (group show) – Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, QLD
Nov 2008 Who Is Simon Says? (group show) – Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, QLD

2005 Exhibitions
Apr 2005 Inner Graffiti – Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin, QLD
Jan 2005 Amos Duggan – Maleny Credit Union, Maleny, QLD

2004 Exhibitions
Nov 2004 Re: Surface (group show) – C.S.I.T. Diploma of Fine Arts Graduating Exhibition, Noosa, QLD

2003 Exhibitions
Dec 2003 Startist (group show) – Alfresco, Noosa Valley, QLD