Joe Blundell

Joe Blundell Bio
Joe was born in London in 1964 and emigrated to Melbourne in 2008. Self taught as an artist, but with a degree in plant biology Joe is drawn to depictions of nature in his art – sometimes pure landscape and sometimes looking at the interplay between nature and the man made.

A feature of Joe’s landscape work are intimate, unromantic portraits of natures entanglements. Joe has recently completed a series of “portraits” of aspects of forest life in Australia’s Dandenong Ranges for which he has been a finalist and prize winner in some of Australia’s most important Landscape Prizes.

Joe exhibits regularly in Melbourne and paints from his studio in Swan Street, Richmond.

Born in 1964 London

Melbourne, Australia

BSc Plant Biology, Birmingham University, UK [Honours and John Humphry’s Memorial Prize in Botany]

Selected Exhibitions
2019 – Paddington Art Prize, Menzies Art Brands, Sydney, NSW, Australia [Group] 2019 – Hadley’s Art Prize, Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  [Group] 2019 – Habitats, Tacit Gallery, Collingwood, VIC, Australia [SOLO] 2018 – Urban Nature, Hawthorn Gallery, Hawthorn East, VIC, Australia [SOLO] 2018 – Impressions of Melbourne, Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia [Group] 2017 – Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia [Group] 2014 – Artist of the Year, Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, UK [Group]

Art Prizes and Awards
2019 – Paddington Art Prize, Sydney, NSW, Australia [Winner, Honourable Mention Prize] 2019 – Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  [Finalist] 2019 – Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  [Winner, City of Boroondara Prize] 2019 – Marvellous Melbourne, Its art and soul, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  [Winner, Peoples Choice Award] 2018 – St Kevin’s Art Show, Melbourne, VIC, Australia [Winner, Peoples Choice Award] 2017 – Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne, VIC, Australia  [Highly Commended] 2016 – Kennedy Prize Exhibition, Fisher Jeffries Gallery, Adelaide, SA, Australia [Finalist] 2014 – Artist of the Year Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, UK [Finalist]

Selected Publications
2019 – Dr Amy Jackett, “Fires, Floods and desert Lakes” Catalogue Essay, Hadley’s Art Prize, July 21, 2019
2018 – “Art show has light touch” Prospect Leader, Boroondara, Sept 13, 2018