Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun Bio
Born: 1966
Kurun Warun meaning: Hissing Swan
Language: Kirra wurrung
Community: Framlingham Mission
Ancestry: Guntijamara tribe. A descendant of Truganini, the Tasmanian Indigenous Queen and relation to singer, Archie Roach
Location: Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Kurun Warun had his first exhibition, alongside his mother when he was 8 years old. In his later years, he developed his own style using the inspiration of the natural elements that surrounded him. Elements such as slow-moving rivers, the stones underneath them, and the eels that swim through them. The dust of the earth. The sea and the creatures that swim in it.

Kurun Warun’s aboriginal dot paintings have a traditional meaning, which is not always immediately noticed, but within the colours, lines, and space, you can see an underlying story. His use of contrasts are done so that the overall piece is left striking but peaceful.

Being a family man, his paintings tell stories of his childhood and of his own children. His mother came from the Framlingham Mission near Warnambool, and this is the mission his relative Archie Roach sang about. Kurun Warun’s mother was the one who trained and inspired him to be an artist. This means a lot to him, and that’s why he loves teaching his children.

He appreciates his heritage, and he’s privileged to be the fifth generation from the Truganini Queen of Tasmania.

Kurun Warun’s work has caught international interest and has become collectables for people diverse as Oprah Winfrey and the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

While his main work is now painting, he also like playing the didgeridoo and dancing. He has performed for many people around the world and international guests.

Overall he loves and appreciates his family and the natural world around him. This is shared in his artwork.

Born in 1966 Queensland, Australia 

Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Selected Exhibitions
1974 – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
2000 – Rome, South Korea, Noosa Regional Galleries
2000 – Parliament House, Brisbane
2001 – Noosa Regional Gallery
2004 – ABN Amro Tower, Sydney
2003 – Volvo Gallery, Sydney
2015 – Cooee Gallery, Sydney

Selected Collections
Oprah Winfrey
Pierce Brosnan
Prince of Saudi Arabia
Michael Schuhmacher
Prime Minister of Turkey
Sultan Indris of Sallengoor
Cambridge University, Woodside