Mac Morgan

Mac Morgan Bio

Mac Morgan is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. From a young age life has shown it’s capabilities to create life but most importantly destroy, with no possible warning. Trying to find or figure your personal reason for life could leave you further from finding it. One thing I’ve learnt in my current years of life experience (19 years!) is that to feel a sense of life you must live. Finding that everlasting happiness should be your purpose.

I am attracted to the accidents that occur during the process of creating, as the marks made are purely abstract in nature. It tends to symbolise feelings that I struggle to describe with words. Although I usually portray figures, I intend disruption and asymmetry within these cores. This is, in my eyes, an expression of the irregularity I see within myself and the social culture I have experienced throughout my life thus far. The depictions are an attempt to learn more about lifestyle and how it impacts my state of mind.

I want to explore rawness and portray struggle, in a means of treating the canvas or other material with the physical evocation of the present emotion. I find that the things in life that have been through manipulation or internal destruction have more character and add more value to perspective.

Born in 2000 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

2017      Graduate at St Andrew’s Anglican College, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
2017      Diploma in Business Studies, St Andrew’s Anglican College, Sunshine Coast
2019      Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art), QUT, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (Present)

Solo Exhibitions
2019      Reluctant Energy Exhibition at Thomas Surfboards, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

2019      Producing wearable art (t-shirts and pants)

2017      The Fensom/Vlahakis Visual Arts Award
2017      Creative Generations
2019      QUT Visual Art Scholarship