Mac Morgan

Mac Morgan is a visual artist based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. From a young age life has shown it’s capabilities to create life but most importantly destroy, with no possible warning. Trying to find or figure your personal reason for life could leave you further from finding it. One thing I’ve learnt in my current years of life experience (18 years!) is that to feel a sense of life you must live. Finding that everlasting happiness should be your purpose.

Experiencing the good and evil of the demons and angels in the back of my consciousness began to take ahold of my mind, leaving me feeling stuck. Having such a connection to creation throughout my childhood, encouraged by my parents, made me decide that art was a subject that I wanted to start studying in senior school to which I was thoroughly supported for and built a relationship with the head honcho, Ben Hedstrom. I was given the ability to express my emotions and thoughts whilst the knowledge that I developed throughout study and practice influenced my sense of colour and design. With a strong influence of interior design from my parents, combining my present emotions with floral-like rustic shapes and markings created insecure identities and obscure configurations of scenes that relay these conscious thoughts.

The problem with painting and creating pieces of art is the requirement of money. After leaving school, I felt the need to pursue this outlet as a form of career. Without any financial support (the likes that school would provide) I began to scavenge what I could from the roadside, landfill and other sources such as friends. As I continued utilising these materials, I gained a sense of worth. Taking something of such little value and giving it personality for people to enjoy and be entertained left me with gratitude of being able to do such a beautiful thing.

The main medium I gravitate towards is acrylics, spray paint and oil sticks. Acrylics allow me to cover or block in segments of the artwork without having to wait hours to dry. I like to paint with pace so that I’m not overthinking the direction that the painting is headed, as my instinct tends to provide the better outcome. Oil sticks make for a great way to draw on the medium quickly and with confidence as well as spray paint, which provides a more urban feeling.

Born in 2000 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

2017 – Graduate at St Andrew’s Anglican College
2017 – Diploma Business

2017 – The Fensom/Vlahakis Visual Arts Award
2017 – Creative Generations

Future Activities
2018/2019 – Exhibition in Thomas Surfboards, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
2019 – Asia Contemporary Art Show, represented by The Gallery Eumundi

Making wearable art clothing (t-shirts and pants)

Gallery Representation
The Gallery Eumundi