Mitch Cheesman

Mitch Cheesman Bio
“My name is Mitchell Luke Cheesman and my last name branches from British cheese sellers a long time ago. I have early memories being told off in school for drawing instead of doing the instructed work and this continued throughout my whole schooling life.”

“At the age of 18 in the season of spring my parents ventured to Europe for a month, at the time I was employed by my father and did not feel like kicking dirt around in a paddock for that duration so I thought it might be the right time to put my ideas onto canvas. Using acrylic and collage mediums was my choice at the time because it suited the works I was producing at the time and I thought complimented them strongly. These pieces were put together for my first solo exhibition at Greaser Art Gallery in Brisbane, 2019.”

Over time my grandad gave me a book on Van Gogh which I admired dearly. Shortly after that at the start of 2020 I started using oil and making my own canvas. I found oil a lot easier to work with when dabbling with texture on canvas, as it sticks a lot better and almost enters the medium of sculpting at the same time in some pieces. In June 2020 I started a collection of oil works, mostly things I had plucked from strangers’ front gardens and taken home to be placed in a cheap vase to later paint. This 6-month process matured into my second solo show, ‘Stolen Flowers from Strangers Gardens’ at T. Bexon Gallery, Noosa. It was an honest project of pure observations/dreams I had made in that duration of time.”

“I feel using oils and impasto techniques brings those flowers back to life, however, displayed in a child-like formation, which may sometimes come across as hard to know what you are observing on the canvas. I like the drips of paint that come flying off the brush and palette knife in the process of palette to canvas, they add a carefree touch to the paintings, and it keeps the piece honest and as raw as possible.”

“Mistakes are the most important concept to myself during the process of giving birth to any new piece I produce.”


Born in 1999 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Solo Exhibitions

  • ‘Stolen Flowers From Strangers Gardens’, T. Bexon Gallery, Noosaville, QLD, January 2021
  • ‘a vase for honey’, Greaser Art Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, November 2019

Group Exhibitions

  • The Bentley’s 40 Under 40 Art Exhibition & Art Prize, Butter Factory Arts Centre, Cooroy, January 2021
  • ‘Resist’, Old Ambulance Station, Nambour, QLD, January 2020