Rowley Drysdale

Rowley Drysdale is an artist working primarily in ceramics, sculpture and mixed media assemblages. His practice spans three decades. His interest was primarily in ceramics, especially wood fired work utilising glaze on functional, traditional form, and the development of unique high fired glazes.

During the last 15 years he has also created a vast body of mixed media wall work concentrating on alternate use of material including raw canvas, earth, fired clay, found objects, dye and other medium.

Drysdale is a published author and has edited and contributed to industry journals both in Australia and internationally. He is a published poet and short story writer.
He has worked and exhibited widely in countries including Japan, Korea, China and New Zealand.

He is a vocal advocate for handmade objects, craftsmanship and innovation. He is an outspoken commentator on the way ceramic art is being reported to broader society, particularly by people within the industry.

Rowley Drysdale has a Master of Arts (Research) from Monash University. He teaches the Fine Arts Degree Course at Sunshine Coast TAFE and is the lead artist at Quixotica Art Space, also on the Sunshine Coast.

Born in 1957 in Charleville, Queensland, Australia

Master of Arts, Monash University
Graduate Diploma of Arts, Monash University

2012 Townsville Ceramic Art Scot Brickworks Award
2010 Peter Voulkos Medal, Gulgong
2009 Townsville Ceramic Art Award
2009 Open Award Winner

Selected Collections
Public: Tong-in Permanent Collection, South Korea; University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia; Australasian Museum of Ceramics, Shanxi, China; Kanayama Pottery Collection, Japan; Janet Mansfield International Ceramic Collection, Gulgong, Australia; Brisbane City Art Gallery; Ipswich City Art Gallery; Brisbane International Airport; Townsville Art Gallery; Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery; Tweed River Regional Art Gallery; University of Southern Queensland.; James Cook University, Queensland; Rockhampton Art Gallery, Queensland; Fusions Permanent Collection, Queensland; North Queensland Potters Permanent Collection
Private: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Pakistan, Turkey

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Imperfect Beauty, Art on Cairncross, Maleny, QLD
2016 Director’s Choice, Fox Galleries, Melbourne
2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2015 Mansfield Gallery, Sydney (solo)
2015 International Chawan Exhibition, Belgium
2015 Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2015 Daegu Gallery, South Korea
2014 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2014 Kerrie Lowe Gallery Sydney
2014 International Chawan Exhibition, Singapore
2014 Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne
2014 Tong-In Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2014 Roma Regional Art Gallery, QLD (solo)
2014 Selsius International Delegates Exhibition, Penang, Malaysia
2014 International Wood Firing Conference NSW
2013 Naami Island International Ceramic Festival, South Korea
2013 Sunshine Coast Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, Caloundra Regional Gallery, QLD
2013 Floating Land, Quixotica Art Space
2013 Sturt Gallery, NSW
2013 Clay Push, Gulgong, NSW
2013 Earth, Wood & Fire, Art on Cairncross, Maleny, QLD
2013 University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD
2013 Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2012 KOCEF Gallery, Incheon, South Korea
2012 Subvert, National Ceramics Conference, Adelaide
2012 Townsville Ceramics Award, QLD
2012 Gympie Regional Gallery, QLD
2011 World Ceramic Biennial International Workshop Exhibition, South Korea
2011 Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne. Mansfield Gallery, Gulgong; Ergon Energy Art Award, Rockhampton, QLD
2010 Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ; Tamba Connection, Cooroy Butter Factory, Sunshine Coast; Travelling Scholarship Exhibition, Sunshine Coast; QLD Wood Firers, Gulgong, NSW
2009 Gallery Shu, Kyoto Japan (solo); Maestro Gallery, Sydney; Floating Land, Noosa Regional Gallery, Sunshine Coast, QLD
2008 Freeland Gallery, Sydney (solo); The Gallery Eumundi, QLD (solo); Kanayama International Wood Fire Festival, Japan; Salute – Australian Survey exhibition, Fusions, QLD; Ergon Art Awards, Rockhampton, QLD; Quixotica Artists, QLD; Flamework – QLD Wood Fire Survey exhibition, Fusions, QLD; Sydney Myer International Ceramic Award, VIC; Australian Wood Fire Conference, NSW
2007 (selected): Australasian Museum of Ceramics, Shanxi, China; Floating Land International Environmental Sculpture, Qld; Freeland Gallery, Sydney; Clayedge 2008 – Masters Exhibition, NSW; Quixotica Artists, QLD
2006 (selected): Graydon Gallery, QLD (solo); Frances Reilly Gallery, QLD (solo); 2nd Generation Masters, National Ceramics Conference, QLD; Art on Cairncross, QLD

Recent Publications
Journal of Australian Ceramics: A Korean Odyssey, 2014
Installations: Rowley Drysdale, 2013
Ceramic Art and Perception magazine, 2013
The Art of Wood Fired Ceramics, 2011
Journal of Australian Ceramics, 2010
Craft Art International, Issue 69
The Australian, newspaper, July 2007
Journal of Australian Ceramics, 2009

Selected Commissions
2013 Naami Island Hotel, South Korea
2011 Mixed media public place sculpture, Brisbane Boys’ College

2013 Naami Island International Ceramic Festival
2012 Inchon Ceramic Cultural Exchange, South Korea
2011 International Workshop Program, World Ceramic Biennial, South Korea
2008 Kanayama International Wood Firing Symposium, Honshu, Japan
2007 Australasian Museum of Ceramics, Shanxi, China

Teacher Sunshine Coast TAFE Creative Industries School
Teacher Queensland Flying Arts School
Teacher Aurilla Aboriginal Training

Selected Lectures
2014 University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
2014 Queensland Flying Arts
2014 Queensland Ceramics Association
2012 Australian Ceramic Conference, Adelaide
2011 Yeoju, South Korea. Place and Art
2009 Australian Ceramics Triennial. Exhibitions commercial and didactic
2008 Aomori, Japan. An Australian historical overview
2007 Gulgong, NSW Masters Lecture

Guest Editor, Journal of Australian Ceramics, Issue 49, 2010
Presenter, Australian Ceramics Conference, Sydney, 2009
Instigator and coordinator inaugural 2010 International Summer School of Ceramics & ESL, Sunshine Coast TAFE
RADF grant recipient, Tamba Connection, Sunshine Coast
Co-producer short film Quixotica, 2008
Concept development and senior artist Firings on the Lake event, Floating Land, 2007, 2009, 2011