This edition of the Artnet Intelligence Report offers a glimpse of what’s ahead when the art market emerges from lockdown. We examine which digital innovations developed to help businesses remain afloat during the pandemic are here to stay—and what areas remain ripe for innovation in a hybrid digital-IRL future. Our trusted breakdown of international auction data reveals which segments have recovered most quickly (see: China) and which are lagging behind (see: art worth over $10 million).

In this issue, you’ll also find stories about how players are busily preparing for an in-person future, from the immersive-art producer Superblue (which is already plotting world domination) to the newest love-him-or-hate-him market star Robert Nava (whose fans insist his work simply must be experienced in person to be understood).

There’s a lot going on in the art market right now. Imagine what will happen when we can see one another again…
Courtesy of Artnet News
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