This week marks twelve years since we first opened the doors of The Gallery Eumundi in our historical ‘Queenslander’ on the Sunshine Coast!! What a journey it has been, collaborating with fabulous artists and connecting up with so many clients and art lovers over the years. Our business has evolved in incredible ways as we opened up the reach from Eumundi to Asia and beyond. We could never have envisaged where our journey would take us and what an honour it would be to introduce our artists around the world. Now we are back where we started, though not with a gallery space, however, with the technology to reach out worldwide and continue the journey of introducing new and fabulous artworks to your home wherever you are.

Enjoy this weeks works from some of the artists who were with us at the beginning and have been by our side throughout the journey!

If you are tempted to make any of these beautiful works part of your life please contact us directly and we’ll make this happen for you…
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