Room 05:04

July 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Room 05:04 by Nara Walker

Room 05:04 is a collection of water colour, acrylic, charcoal and ink works on paper that were created whilst I was incarcerated in Iceland for defending myself against my now former husband.”

“February 20 2019, a sterile prison awaited my entry and a protest in front – people standing in solidarity – Inside I was left alone in room 05:04, a cell that connected to the hallway which directed the inmates steps past one another’s cells. One of Iceland’s high security prison’s confined between three sets of high fences. The only way to escape these perimeters was to create new spaces in myself, these works on paper reflect and capture this moment in time.”

“I was later moved to a low security facility, that allowed me to move with more freedom – yet still confined to a room – the current physical reality was retraining me – I continued to create.”

“Reaching international media has given a voice to my story. A petition for pardon surpassed 43,000 signatures – my case now continues with a complaint to The European Court of Human Rights and I am continuing to delve deeper into self expression. Lacking justice in the Icelandic system has given me a drive to continue with awareness for the cause Intimate Partner Violence – this is prevalent within my work and I can see how it has evolved through my expression since 2017.”

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