We are really missing our face to face interactions with all our overseas friends, art lovers, collectors and the wonderful artists we meet along the way. Whilst we wait patiently until we can connect up again in person we are keeping up our arty communications and networking in a more virtual sense. We are delighted to introduce you to Charlotte Elizabeth, a wonderful artist we met in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and have continued to chat with through isolation in the UK. This is a truly exciting international collaboration!!

Charlotte has had a fascinating and exotic career to-date. After studying theatre design her working life began as a theatrical scenic artist in London’s West End, working alongside some of the best scenic painters, creating the backdrops for performances in renowned theatres and venues.

Following a move to Asia, Charlotte began to paint professionally as a career solo artist with great success introducing her signature work of ‘ethereal abstract cloudscapes’. Now having relocated to York in the UK, Charlotte continues to produce stunning new works. You can experience both the stormy boldness and the subtle, delicate wisps of gentle clouds. The paintings are breathtakingly strong with a mystical essence that draw you into the realms of wonderland and magic.
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