We feel confident and proud of our strong eclectic collection of art genres at The Gallery Eumundi, however, for a while, we have been on a mission searching for an artist with a particular style of still life painting to add to the gallery repertoire.

It’s always a wonderful feeling when you find just what you are looking for!!

We would therefore like to introduce you to the stunning and breathtaking works of local artist Jo Young, who’s robust paintings vibrate with hidden narratives. These perfectly executed works in oils are a marriage of exquisite bygone years and strong contemporary relevance. In her own words:

“In the development of my compositions, I derive inspiration from the art of the Dutch Baroque, Flemish and French 18th Century still life painters. The classical painting technique of this period involves a slow process including a sepia tonal underpainting, followed by consecutive layers of local colour and finally transparent glazes.”

“Like characters in theatre, objects are carefully staged in an intimate space… Drama is created by emphasis, highlights, reflections and shadows. In the depiction of silk, porcelain, fruit, silver and wood, I wish to explore the intrinsic qualities of the objects through tone, texture, mood and atmosphere.”

We invite you to explore and enjoy Jo’s wonderful works…
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