To own a bronze sculpture is to have a living form of art. The colour of the bronze surface is called the patina and is the result of oxidation caused by the reactive bronze coming into contact with anions in the surrounding atmosphere. Depending on where you live and the climate, changes occur to individual sculpture over time. The humidity or salt alone in the atmosphere can cause very different spontaneous effects on patinas.

The phenomenon of the patina can also be manipulated by an artist using various chemicals and catalysts such as intense heat to speed up the reactions. The beauty of patinas and bronze means that no two sculptures will ever be exactly the same nor respond to their environment in the same way. Though you may purchase a sculpture that is a limited edition, how the patina changes over time will be unique to you and your surroundings, a simple serendipitous reaction responding to the atmosphere.

We have three bronze sculptors; Rhonda CaoStephen Glassborow and Mireia Serra who all work with methods to provide stunning and very unique results. Please explore our bronze sculptures available and enjoy the eclectic patinas as well as the wonderful forms produced.

If you are in Noosa you’ll find us at 6/32 Hastings Street Noosa Heads. Check outTHE G PROJECT 21 for daily opening times.
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