An art detective in the Netherlands says he has received two “proof of life” photos in the hunt for a stolen Van Gogh painting.

The 1884 artwork Spring Garden went missing after a break-in at a museum near Amsterdam in late March.

Arthur Brand, a specialist in recovering lost art, told the AFP news agency he had received two dated photos he believes show the stolen painting. According to AFP, the work is valued at up to €6m (£5.3m; $6.6m).

Mr Brand, who has been described as the “Indiana Jones of the art world”, said he was given two photos of the missing painting a few days ago. While he did not explain how he had received the images, he said that they represented “the first ‘proof of life’ we have that the painting still exists”, adding that thieves often destroy valuable pieces of art because of the difficulties involved in reselling them.

One of the photos was said to show a detail on the back of the painting that proved its authenticity. Both photos are shown together with a copy of the New York Times newspaper from 30 May.
Courtesy of BBC News
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