Our first official week in our permanent space in Noosa finds us planning for the future. That feels like quite a new phenomenon as the landscape still continues to change around us.

Whilst in the outside world there does look like an acorn of hope with the positive possibilities of the world opening up. It’s exciting to see encouraging results for those countries that have a robust vaccination program and life slowly returning to some form of normality even if it is a ‘new normal’.

While we wait, we continue to miss our international travels and our face to face interactions with clients, friends and family overseas. However, art continues to travel around the world and we continue to connect internationally through our virtual platform. As we focus on our new space in Noosa we really want to share the experience with you and hope that along the way we will find art that resonates with you so we can continue our conversations wherever you are in the world.

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead…
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